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Icons & Resources

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This is my icon journal. My personal journal is here. Here you'll find icons of everything from musicians to actors/actresses, and also some resources. I don't take requests. I take suggestions though. If you want to know where i get most of my brushes and textures from, check the resource page. If you see any brushes or textures you have made in any of my graphics and i haven't given credit, please email me and let me know. I try to keep on top of crediting but sometimes some slip through.

Please friend this journal to receive updates. :]

Layout version 3, 99 red balloons. Coding thanks to damnicons. Header, header photograph and user info by me.

1. Comment if you are taking an icon, and specify which one/ones you are taking. I don't reply to every comment, but I appreciate everyone that bothers (because I know alot of people don't) and I read every one.
2. Credit this journal if you take anything.
3. Don't edit my icons in any way, unless it's been stated that the icon is a base.
4. Don't hotlink any of my icons. Upload to your own server, such as photobucket.

mothicons __bittercandy trashy_icons __triggered tangled_wishes ohpaintbrush piicturesque

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